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"EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL" Including "Odd-Balls", Parts & Accessories


ACCUSTAT/PSG "Locking Mechanical Thermostats " Thermostats KANE-MAY "Measuring-Testing", Combustion Analyzers, Recorders
AIR PRODUCTS & CONTROLS Duct Smoke Detectors, Metal Control Cabinets KONAN ELECTRIC Now see "GC VALVES"
ACI Automation Components,Inc KRUETER Pneumatic/Electric/Electronic Temp. Controls, Valves & Actuators
ALTECH- Terminal Blocks, Circuit Breakers, Enclosures LANDIS & STAEFA POWERS Pneumatic "Powers Controls", DDC "MasterSet"
ALTEK Calibrators of Control Signals, Measurement, Generation, Simulation TRIDIUM Solutions For Connecting Devices to the Enterprise
AMERICAN STATBLIS/COLUMBUS ELECTRIC/"DIGISTAT" 7-Day Digital Thermostats MACON Self-contained Radiator Valves
AMPROBE INSTRUMENT/CORE INDUSTRIES- Electrical Test Meters MACURCO Gas Detectors- "CO/Combustion/Refrigeration"
ANDERSON, W.E./DWYER- Industrial Controls, Valves, Level Controls MAGNATROL- Solenoid Valves
ANTUNES/CHICAGO SAFETY PRODUCTS Airflow-Pressure Switches MAGNETROL-Water Level Controls
ARROW HART Magnetic Contactors MAMAC SYSTEMS Transducers, Sensors
ASCO Solenoid Valves, Temp. & Pressure Controls MAPLE CHASE/COLEMAN SAFETY & SECURITY- Thermostats, Smoke & "CO" Alarm-Detectors
ATHENA Industrial Controls & Instruments MARATHON Motors
BACHARACH Combustion Test Instruments, Recorders "MARK-TIME" M.H. RHODES Time Switches "Electric-Pneumatic", Coin Meters
BARBER-COLMAN "Digital Systems Distributor"- Electric, Electronic, DDC Pneumatic Controls/Systems MARSH BELLOFRAM/MARSHALTOWN Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, Temp. Recorders
BARKSDALE Press./Temp, Switches Press. Transducers & Directional Control Valves MAXITROL Gas Pressure Regulators, Electronic Controls, Ball Valves
BARNES & JONES Steam Traps/Replacement Cage Units for all Makes MAXON Fuel Shut-off Valves & Burner Equipment
BASCO-PENN/JOHNSON CONTROLS-Safety Pilot Controls MCDONNELL & MILLER Liquid Level, Flow Switches, Relief Valves
BASLER ELECTRIC Transformers MERCOID Pressure, Temperatures, Liquid Level Controls
BEKO Thermostat Guards & Accessories METREX Water Regulating Valves, High Pressure
BELIMO Direct Coupled Actuators, AC-DC, 2 Pos., Floating Prop., S.R. & Non-S.R. MODUS Measuring/Control, Low Press. Air/Liquid Transmitters, Controllers, Recorders
BRAUKMAN-HONEYWELL Thermostatic/Elec. Rad Valves, Regulating Valves, Water Filters NEPTRONIC- Actuators, Valves, Controls
BRK Dual-Area Smoke Detectors NORGREN- Air Pressure Regulators
CAMSTAT Warm Air & Fan Controls, Thermostats PARAGON Elect./Electronic Time Controls-Commer., Refrig., Home Energy Mgmt.
CHEMIQUIP Pressure Snubbers, Pressure Limitings, Excess Flow & Float Check PARKER- Brass Fittings and Valves
CLEVELAND CONTROLS Airflow Pressure Switches PARTLOW Temperature Indicating Controls, Recorders "Molytek 5700"
CONTROL CABINETS & ENCLOSURES Metal or Fiberglass, All Sizes Stocked PENN-BASSO/JOHNSON CONTROLS Pneumatic, Refrig., Commercial, Industrial, Residential
CONTROL PRODUCTS Digital Temp-Humid Indicating, Operating, Alarm PNEUMATIC SYSTEMS/ACCESSORIES Plastic-Cop. Tubing, Fittings, Test Kits, Tools
CROWN ENGINEERING/AUBURN Oil Ignition Terminals & Electrodes POTTER & BRUMFIELD Relays, Solid State Time Delays
CURTIS Climate Control Compressors for Instrument Air/Pneu. Control POWERS MCC, Process Controls, Temp. Regulators, Pneumatic Controls
DAMPERS Honeywell, Johnson-Over 50 sizes stocked PROXIMITY/DWYER Level, Position, Counting
DANFOSS Self-contained Radiator Valves PYROMATION Temp Sensors, Thermocouples/RTD's
DELAVAN- Oil Burner Nozzles RANCO/WESTWARD/ROBERTSHAW Regfrigeration, Air-Cond., Appliance Controls
DETROIT CONTROLS- Controls/Cabinets RAYTEK Infrared Non-contact"Hand Held" Digital Thermometers
DONGAN Ignition and Control Transformers RAYOVAC- Flash Lights/Batteries, etc.
DURAKOOL "Metal Enclosed" Mercury Switches ROBERTSHAW Pneumatic, Electric, DDC-HVAC, Refrig., Ind., Cooking Oven Controls
DWYER/MERCOID/TAYLOR/W.E. ANDERSON/PROXIMITY/LOVE CONTROLS - Instruments & Valves ROBERTSHAW TENNESSEE Industrial Control Valves & Self-Actuated Temperature & Pressure Regulators
EDWARDS ENGINEERING Motorized "Radiator/Zone" Valves RS PRODUCTS ("KF INDUSTRIES") Water Level Detection & Control
EMERSON Motors/ASCO, General Controls, White Rodgers-Controls & Valves SENSYCON Ind/HVAC Controller Converters, IPPI Stations, Manifold Boards, Recorders
ENERSTAT 7-Day Digital Thermostats, Zone Damper Control Systems SHAW PERKINS- Industrial Thermostat Guards
EQUIMETER (ROCKWELL) Gas Pressure Regulators SHERWOOD Thermostat Guards
ERIE Motorized/Self-contained Valves, "Fan Coil/Rad.", Zone Control Relay Centers TAC/Barber-Colman & RobertShaw - "Digital Systems Distributor"- DDD/Pneu./Elect./S.S.
EXERGEN Infrared Digital Thermometers, Heat Scanners SKINNER- Solenoid Valves
FENWAL Gas Ignition/Safety Controls SPERRY, A.W. Test Instruments
FIREYE "Combustion Safety" Controls, Smoke Detection SPRAGE-(RELIANCE)- Gas Pressure Regulators
FISHER CONTROLS Regulating & Relief Valves, High Pressure Gas SSAC Time Delays, Alternating Relays, Mtr. Protactors, Flashers, Twr. Lighting, Liq. Level
FUNCTIONAL DEVICES "RIB" Relay, Current Sensors,Panels, Lighting,Energy Saving Devices STEVECO/ESSEX-RBM Relays, Contactors/HVAC Refrig. Appliance
FURNAS ELECTRIC Magnetic Contactors STORTZ/PSG Thermometers, Temp.- Power Failure Alarm Boxes
GAZTECH Now see "TELAIRE" SUPCO Test Instruments, Recorders, Controls
GC VALVES Solenoid Valves SYSTEM SENSOR Duct Smoke Detectors
GENERAL CONTROLS Automatic Controls, Hydramotor Valves & Special Purpose 2-&3-Way 1/8" -2" Solenoid Valves TANCO/FEDERAL PACIFIC- Electrical Enclosures & Controls Cabinets
GRASSLIN Time Controls/Hour Meters, Compact, Case &Panel Mfg. TCS-BASYS Building Automation Controls, Transducors, Sensor, Microprocessors
HANKISON Air Driers for Pneumatic Control Systems TEKMAR- Weather control systems
HARPER-WYMAN-"PRO-STAT" Digital Thermostats/Cooking Controls TELAIRE (GAZTECH)- CO2 Monitors, Recorders, Ventilation Controls
HEAT-TIMER "Weather Actuated" Temp. Control Systems, Elcectronic Temp. & Press. Controls TRERICE Thermometers, Gages, Regulating Valves, Ind. Pneumatic and Electronic Controls
HILL White Smoke Products for Checking Air Motions TRIAD Transmitters, Transducers, Interfaces
HOFFMAN, ITT Steam Traps, Regulators, Vents, Valves, Strainers ZONEFIRST Motorized Registers-Zone Dampers, Controls
HONEYWELL-"ASD" DISTRIBUTOR-DDC - EXCEL 5000/Pneumatic/FSG 7800 Series UNIVERSAL ENTERPRISES UEI Test Meters, Thermometers, Recorders, Gas Detecters
HYDROLEVEL Flow Switches, Probe Liquid Level Controls VALVES I/8"-6" Stocked, Elect., Pneu., Self-Actuated-2.3 (Mix-Divert) 4-Way
IDEC -Relays, DIN Rail VERIS- Transducers, Current Switches/Sensors
JACKES-EVANS/PARKER HANNIFIN General Purpose Solenoid Valves WARREN CONTROLS Ind. Control Valves, Press. Temp. Regulators, Level Control, Vac. Brkrs.
J&N "SENSIT" Leak Detectors, Combustible & Refrig. CO Detectors WATSCO "Short Cycling" & "Overload" Motor Protectors
JACKES-EVANS/PARKER HANNIFIN General Purpose Solenoid Valves WATTS Strainers, Valves-Regulating, Relief, Backflow; Low Water/Flow Switches
JAYCO Pop Safety & Relief Valves, Industrial/High Pressure WEBSTER Ignition Transformers, Fuel Oil Pumps, Valves
JOHNSON CONTROLS/PENN RASO Pneumatic, Refrig., Commer., Ind. Resid.; Batteries WEISS INSTRUMENTS/STORK- Thermometers & Pressure Gauges
  WHITE RODGERS Heating, Air-Cond., Refrig., Commercial Controls
  WIRE Low Voltage & Electronic, All Types
  WIEGMANN/HUBBELL- Electrical Enclosures & Control Cabinets- Steel, S.S. Alum. Fiberglass


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